Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind Launches January on PS4, February on Xbox One

Square Enix today revealed the release date for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III DLC, Re Mind.

The long awaited expansion to Kingdom Hearts III is nearly here. Re Mind adds a whole new story chapter, boss fights, a secret episode, and a host of new playable characters.

Re Mind takes place during the climax of Kingdom Hearts III. Sora, determined to rescue Kairi, travels to the Keyblade Graveyard before the final battle. Utilizing his corporeal form, Sora travels through the hearts of the seven guardians of light, Sora experiences their personal battles and discovers truths about them he never imagined.

The trailer confirms that the DLC aims to alleviate many player’s complaints with the base game. This includes the return of Final Fantasy characters, data battles, and additional playable characters, including Kairi. The trailer also teases Yozora, a mysterious character that might pave the way towards an inevitable Kingdom Hearts IV.

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind launches January 20, 2020 on PS4 for $29.99. Unfortunately, Xbox One owners have to wait till February 25, 2020 to play the DLC.