Sony’s MLB The Show Will No Longer be a Console Exclusive Game

This is a strange setup that Major League Baseball and Sony have introduced. Major League Baseball and the Player’s Association along with Sony Interactive Entertainment and San Diego Studios have announced a joint partnership that will make MLB The Show no longer a Sony exclusive. Twenty years ago, there were a plethora of excellent baseball games on the market that still hold up to this day and as a means to fire back at EA for its NFL exclusive deal with Madden, 2K semi-fired back by inking the third party exclusive deal with MLB. This left only one other game going and it was Sony’s MLB franchise. This franchise dates back to the original PSX with MLB Pennant Race, but quickly switched over to just being called MLB ’98. That lasted until The Show was created later in the PlayStation 2 era.

After numerous failures at developing baseball games, 2K gave up. What is strange is that no other major AAA production company would offer a baseball game. Sure, there are mobile games and RBI Baseball has seen some improvements but that game is in no way a simulation. So something has been worked out to bring an exclusive sports title and arguably the best sports franchise in the past fifteen years to other consoles. Xbox basically sealed it by stating “no more away games” in its tweet. The Show may see action on the Switch, PC or Stadia as well. This partnership will begin as early as 2021 so it will be well into the next generation of games.