Sports Story Coming to Switch in Mid-2020

Golf Story has been one of the Switch’s biggest success stories. From the eShop to a physical release, it delivered the goods when it came to not only offering up a satisfying game of gold – but also an RPG. It was very much like the earlier Mario Golf games, only with a more serious spin thanks to its use of all-human characters and a lack of supernatural elements. There hadn’t been any word on a sequel, but today, the Indie World showcase revealed that Sports Story will offer up not only golf, but tennis as well. The multi-tiered adventure is set for release in mid-2020 on the Switch. An eShop release is assured, but there wasn’t anything revealed about a physical release. Limited Run Games handled the Best Buy-exclusive physical run of the first game, and while they could release the sequel, we could also see another company like THQ Nordic or Team 17 release it if it’s viewed as being worthy of a physical release like its predecessor.