AEW’s Kenny Omega to Co-Host SF V Arcade Edition World Finals

Capcom announced today that the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion and current AAA Mega Champion and AEWEVP, Kenny Omega will co-host the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition World Finals at the Capcom Cup 2019. Kenny has infused gaming with is in-ring character for years and it’s fitting that the master of the V-trigger and user of the non-fireball Hadouken punch in DDT would now co-host a tournament final for the Street Fighter series. Kenny will host interviews, act as an emcee, and offer up live insight during the event. The Capcom Cup takes place in LA from December 13-15 on Twitch, Mixer, Youtube, and Facebook. This should be a lot of fun and will definitely help bridge the gap between gaming and pro wrestling that Kenny has helped do with not only Capcom here, but with his ad for Fire Pro Wrestling Returns on PC and PS4 and his usage of Undertale-inspired videos in both New Japan Pro Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling over the last few years.