Geoff Keighley Announces The Game Festival

Well, The Game Awards is set for tomorrow night, and alongside the awards, there will be reveals and trailers for new and upcoming games galore. Such has been the tradition for a while now, to the point where several have basically just called the show a second E3. Well, now Geoff Keighley has apparently decided that if people compare his show to a giant trade show or festival with lots of previews…why not give the public what it wants? And thus Keighley has now announced The Game Festival, described as a “digital consumer event concept” that ties in with The Game Awards and allows players to check out demos of upcoming games for a brief time.

Basically, for two days beginning tomorrow, several free “first-look” demos will be available on Steam for fans of The Game Awards or any gamers in general to check out. The initial lineup will include…

These are mentioned as only some of the games that will be part of the event, though, hinting at more to possibly pop up. It’s a unique approach, designed by Keighley to extended the experience of hands-on demos at events like PAX or E3 to a home audience that might not ordinarily be able to attend such shows. The Game Festival begins tomorrow, December 12 at 10:00 AM PST and runs until Saturday, December 14 at 10:00 AM PST, when all the available demos will be removed from Steam. So if you want to get an early taste of some of 2020’s promising games, be sure not to miss out on it.