Screenshot Saturday Featuring Maze Machina, Bushiden, More

Alright, time for another edition of Screenshot Saturday! The year is winding down and coming to a close, but several people working on and putting out games are still using the #screenshotsaturday tag to promote their latest work in small doses. But indeed, with holidays approaching, this will actually be the last edition of the year. It’s been an amazing year, and I’ve discovered several impressive games while working on this feature, but even someone like me needs a break, if only to enjoy the spirit of the season more. As such, this feature will be going on a two-week hiatus until the beginning of January. I’ll see you again at that date (well, I’ll see all you through every other article or news item I write here, but still), but I leave you with one final crop of impressive games to check out, so enjoy, and happy holidays!

Maze Machina- Well, after Grindstone, I’m certainly looking for other new and innovative mobile puzzlers, and this one seems to fit the bill quite nicely! An automaton has trapped our tiny mouse hero in a music box-esque labyrinth, and now we have to escape it by careful swiping through areas and battling small machines. Looks impressive and seems simple yet deep, so count me in!

Maddie Playfers: Freelance Medium- Well, it may be yet another ghost-filled attic, but at least it’s one that looks incredibly gorgeous, especially with this unique and cartoonish style. But yeah, you’d think we’d hopefully get at least one frigging normal attic in adventure games at some point…

Tunche- One may argue if simply beating up a bunch of frogs is significant proof that you’re a “true” warrioress, but then again, one probably doesn’t know what true dangers lie in the jungles of this gorgeous and fun-looking beat-’em-up. Plus, those insane combo skills alone are more than enough proof.

Double Kick Heroes- Well, this unique heavy metal rhythm/action game started out with you simply blasting away zombies and the occasional wastelander, but now it’s evolved into so much more…or at least the enemies have, anyway, as seen here. You’re gonna need some Mastodon-level tunes to take out a mountain of flesh like this.

Bushiden- File this under the list of games that we should be covering here at every chance possible, but keep missing for some reason. This breathtaking Strider-inspired action platformer may only have a simple offering this week (though I have some guesses as to what the context is), but I highly suggest checking out the links provided for something to look forward to next year.

Liberated- A noir cyberpunk adventure, what we have here is something that aims to be a unique fusion of video games and comic books. Admittedly, we’ve seen occasional fusions like this dating all the way back to Comix Zone, but the art style and varied gameplay suggests there could easily be something more to this one, so keep an eye out for it.

Scrap Bringer- Well, seeing as how I already made a Comix Zone reference, we may as well continue with another comical beat-’em-up. A cool-looking top-down one, in this case, that’s clearly testing out its dash mechanic. And after playing the Haven demo this weekend, I would actually be cool with infinite dash, as it’s fun as heck. But yeah, it may be overpowered here.

Conan Chop Chop- You would kind of expect a character like Conan to be more about going on the offensive, but when you’re in a roguelike, cartoonish or otherwise, even someone as badass as him isn’t going to risk everything. So yeah, make sure to master that shield.

Kaijack Card Attack- I admit that I don’t have much info on this game at the moment, but the description of “hand-animated game about kaiju playing cards” and they sheer oddity of this GIF alone are more than enough to get me interested. So here’s hoping we see more of this sometime soon!

Spiritfarer- And finally, let us close on something incredibly cute and wholesome from our cozy little management game about being a Charon-like ferryman for the dead. It may not be a dog, but it still makes you warm and fuzzy just looking at it.