Buddy Adventure Update Coming to Pokémon GO

Exploring the world with a Pokémon partner is the biggest reason fans would love Pokémon to be real. Well, an upcoming update to Pokémon GO is sort of making that happen. Buddy Adventure is as close as we can get!

Soon trainers will get to see their Pokémon walking around on the screen with you. You can watch them waddle, wiggle, fly and hop around town. Your buddy can still gain candy by walking but the amount of distance needed will be cut in half. They will be able to assist in wild encounters and even find items for you. One of the best features included is the elimination of losing distance with your buddy when you swap out. Just pick up where you left off! There is a meter to measure how much love you have for each other which gives players just something extra fun to enjoy.

Read more about the Buddy Adventure update on the official website along with developer insight for the coming content. And watch the announcement trailer below for a very sweet and touching look at how your buddy comes to life. And another video below that for a look at cute ways people would interact with their Pokémon if they were real.