Skellboy Ready for Bodily Upgrades with Launch Date Trailer

The thing about being a skeleton is that a shortage of ligaments makes it particularly easy to change out parts.  With nothing connected to anything else except by the power of necromantic voodoo, there’s no reason to stick with a boring old skull when a jack-o-lantern will do just as nicely.  Skellboy is an action-adventure about a hero accidentally revived when a necromancer casts its curse on an unlucky kingdom, and while all he’s got left physically is a pile of animated bones, the fighting spirit never dies.  It could, however, use some tougher parts, so as he explores the castle and surrounding area he’s constantly on the lookout not just for new weapons but also feet, torso, head, or whatever other bits can be exchanged.  Skellboy is basically a grandfather’s axe, in which the head has been replaced and so has the handle but the spirit of the thing keeps going.  He’s also awfully cute, tearing through a castle that looks like a cardboard-pixel diorama.

Today gets an announcement of a release date, at least for the Switch, of January 30.  No word yet on the PC version but odds are good it shouldn’t lag too far behind.  To celebrate the release there’s also a small pile of merchandise coming along, including t-shirts, pins, stickers and soundtrack.  For right now there’s a new trailer, so give it a look below and get ready for a skeletal post-holiday adventure.