Fire Pro Wrestling World 2020 Roadmap Released

Spike Chunsoft has released a roadmap for Fire Pro Wrestling World content in 2020 – and it’s pretty ambitious stuff. January of 2020 will see the release of the second batch of Yoshihiro Takayama Charity DLC. The proceeds from this DLC go to benefit the MMA and pro wrestling legend, whose PRIDE battle with Don Frye became one of the most-imitated wars in MMA and pro wrestling over the last 20 years. He was paralyzed in a pro wrestling match and the money raised here goes towards his care. More wrestler DLC will also be released in January.

Suda51 made his name in Fire Pro with a dark tale involving suicide, and now February sees that part of his career continue with a son out to fight for not only pro wrestling glory, but follow in his father’s footsteps. Finally, the spring of 2020 will see the release of move and custom part creation tools to enable the game’s lifespan to be as eternal as possible. Now, instead of people having to hack moves or textures in, they will be able to formally make content in the game. Fire Pro revolutionized creation tools in games 20 years ago and does so again with this. Fire Pro Wrestling World is a top-notch pro wrestling and MMA game on both the PC via Steam and PS4, and can be purchased physically for that platform with the first batch of New Japan Pro Wrestling DLC included on the disc.