RetroMania Wrestling Commentary Team Announced

Retrosoft Studios has announced that the former Ring of Honor commentary team of Colt Cabana and Ian Riccaboni will be joining the game to call the action. Colt Cabana is already in the game as an in-ring character, while Riccaboni makes his gaming debut alongside Colt here on commentary. The two men called ROH’s action for years before Cabana left the company after Final Battle 2019 a couple of weeks ago, and he just made his All Elite Wrestling commentary debut this past week for AEW Dark.

Ian and Colt had some of the best on-air chemistry of any commentary team over the past decade, and that should enable RetroMania to have the best commentary in a wrestling game in ages. WWE’s commentary teams have at least shifted around more year-to-year than they did before, but have still been greatly hurt by a lack of an organic feel and sloppy editing resulting in old voice clips being used. That won’t be an issue here as Retrosoft is starting with a clean slate. RetroMania Wrestling is due out in 2020 for the PC, Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It is the official sequel to Wrestlefest and will have some MatMania-themed DLC at some point later on to further tie the present and future of wrestling games into the past.