Samsung Offering a Steep Curve with its Odyssey Gaming Monitors

Samsung has introduced a new series of gaming monitors that promise to have the steepest curvature on the market. The Odyssey G9 is a behemoth at 49″ that offers 1000R curvature. What this means is the size in milimeters based on the radius. The human eye is extremely close to 1000R in terms of viewing, so this monitor should offer a ridiculous experience. The Odyssey G9 will also be the world’s first dual QHD monitor and it will also support a refresh rate of 240hz. It also features a VA panel that uses quantum dot technology along with 1,000 nits of brightness for extremely good HDR content. It will also be complete with Freesync and G-Sync technologies.

There are two other sizes available that won’t boast quite the same technologies as the G9. The Odyssey G7 is available in 27 and 32-inch forms and while the G9 resolution comes in at 5120×1440 and includes the Dual QHD, the G7 will only hit 2560×1440 with single QHD. No pricing is available yet for the monitors, but they will be shown off at CES 2020.