Dreams Goes Gold Ahead of Full Launch Next Month

Almost seven years ago at the unveiling event for the PlayStation 4, one of several first-party developers to show off their next project was LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway creator Media Molecule, who showed off a brief look at their next artistically inspired title.

That game eventually became known as Dreams at E3 2015, a promising game creation system that finally entered early access over six years later in April last year. Now, as news of the reveal event for the PS5 seems imminent, the console generation-long journey of development for Dreams has reached its pre-launch conclusion, as Media Molecule has shared via Twitter that Dreams has gone gold ahead of its Valentine’s Day release date. With so many fascinating creations having already been shared in-game and online, there’s plenty of intrigue to see where the creative platform will head in 2020 and beyond.