Razer has a Field Day at CES 2020

The hardware and peripheral manufacturer, Razer, has had a field day during CES 2020. Unveiling five major products that further innovative technology that it has previously offered. The biggest addition comes in the form of an extremely compact and powerful gaming PC. The Razer Tomahawk is a modular gaming computer that utilizes the new Razer patented Tomahawk N1 Chassis. This case features dual-tempered glass on both sides with aluminum composite that allows the video card to be vertically mounted. The case also includes a vent at the top and a removal slide to easily access the interior. The maximum specifications for the Tomahawk include an Intel i9-9750H processor, 64 GB of RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2080. It will include a NUC card as the motherboard and allow users to swap the RAM and SSD hard drive in the system along with the video card. This will be available in the first half of 2020. There is also no pricing at this time.

Razer had jumped into the gaming router market almost two years ago. The original Sila featured priority networking with Fastrack and slew of other metrics, but it was a pretty basic design. The Sila 5G Home Router will expand on the original with most noticeably its design. The design for this sits as a tall cylinder much like a home speaker. The 5G portion of this router allows for portability. The router includes a rechargeable battery along with a SIM Card slot so users can slide a 5G Sim Card into the unit for a mobile hotspot on-the-go. These routers will once again act as a mesh network for expanding your network at your location.

Going more towards the mobile gaming side, Razer has introduced two new accessories for phones. The Razer Kishi is a universal controller for both Android and iOS devices, rather than just having one controller for its one line of phones. This cloud-compatible controller will feature thumb sticks on both sides and low latency gaming via USB-C or Apple Lightning. Razer is also releasing an updated Iphone case with the Artech Black Gold. This case includes vents for long gaming sessions on your phone. The newest version will include a soft red inline and gold accents along the edges.