DEEEER Simulator Charging Towards Early Access Release

Deer are beautiful creatures, walking carefully through the forest in a stately manor or bounding away from danger with graceful agility.  They’re a living embodiment of the majesty of nature right up until they start nibbling on one’s garden, at which point the contemplative appreciation of wildlife turns to thoughts of venison.  Deer are lovely but not designed to respect much of anything humans build, and that’s especially true in the upcoming DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game.  Although in this case, decimating a garden or leaping into the path of an oncoming car are the smallest parts of its rampage.

DEEEER Simulator is an amplification of the Goat Simulator type of sandbox troublemaking game.  Everything looks normal enough at first, as a semi-low-poly deer wanders around an untextured town, but things get very silly very quickly.  The deer can stretch its neck out in exactly the way the species isn’t known to do, or stand up on its hind legs to walk around like a particularly buff brick wall with antlers.  As you cause trouble the response starts to escalate, bringing out bigger and more troublesome countermeasures in response to the rising Deersaster Level.  The deer isn’t without its countermeasures, though, such as a Voltron-like mech made of an exoskeleton, tigers, cows, and rhinoceroses.  It’s just another perfectly sane day to be a deer.

DEEEER Simulator has been out in a closed beta for a while, giving its Kickstarter backers something to play with while it works towards full release, and on January 21 the doors get thrown open to everyone as it hits Early Access.  Take a look at the (old) trailer below to see what kind of trouble you can get into, wandering around the town as an average, everyday deeeer.