Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2020

Now that our Game of the Year Awards are out of the way, it’s time to take a much-needed rest and…ah, who are we kidding? We might have just said goodbye to the best of 2019, but we’re already excited to check out the best of 2020. As such, we’ve put our heads together to come up with our top ten most anticipated games of 2020. While many of the games on this list have had limited gameplay shown, it’s hard not to be impressed with their unique gameplay and concepts.

10. Dying Light 2

Techland’s first zombie title, Dead Island, wasn’t a bad game. It was a fun, open-world zombie-filled adventure, though not without some issues. It was Dying Light, however, that took what they created with Dead Island and turned it into something special. Focusing on parkour, a day-night cycle and melee combat, Dying Island was a breath of fresh, fun air in the zombie genre. The game remains popular years after release and in 2020 it’s finally getting a follow-up. Launching with a giant open-world city, branching storylines and four-player co-op, Dying Light 2 is shaping up to be an exciting project. Techland has been working hard to address and improve issues with the original game, all while expanding on the core promise of Dying Light. Featuring dizzying heights, heart-pounding battles against Infected, enhanced visuals and a more involving story, Dying Light 2 looks to be one of the most exciting games of 2020.

9. Ori & The Will of the Wisps

No matter the brief gameplay trailer or unexpected “update” as to when the long, overdue follow-up will finally release, none of the interest and promise of what Ori & The Will of the Wisps may be has been lost. It’ll be exactly five years to the day when the sequel to Moon Studios’ gorgeous 2015 Metroidvania debut lands (last minute delays notwithstanding) and while the lush, detailed art-style and swift, action-leaning gameplay looks to be just as present and polished, it’ll be more curious to see whether Will of the Wisps can uphold Blind Forest’s more surprising elements, namely its effective storytelling and reason to care for the mysticism and the wonder Ori’s world continues to be oozing with. A hallmark for Metroidvania’s rebirth and resurgence during this decade, the question is: can the sequel — if not amaze on an original front — maintain just as impressive a spectacle at the start of the new one? Moon Studios have a strong foundation, let’s hope the sequel can captivate just as well.

8. Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise came as one of the biggest Bandai Namco reveals this year at E3, being the latest in one of the most popular JRPG series. The visual style takes a huge leap from previous entries, and the mysterious story we’ve yet to hear much of will be exciting to uncover. The world is more detailed and the combat looks much more action based than ever before with fights seeming to take place in the overworld in favor of going into a battle arena like previous titles. It easily looks like the series most ambitious title yet, making fans and newcomers alike interested in this title while watching every step of the way. Even the characters seem interesting, with the main two offering an interesting combination of man who feels no pain and a woman who can only seem to harm others. While we’re still eager to see more, but the snippets of gameplay we’ve been shown have us excited for what’s to come which is why Tales of Arise is easily one of our most anticipated games for 2020.

7. Resident Evil 3

Coming off the immense success of Resident Evil 2, there was little doubt in our minds that a remake of Resident Evil 3 was on its way, although it’s surprising it will be out in a short four months from now. Capcom already had a good number of assets they could reuse or repurpose, so it only made sense that they’d continue with the trend of remaking their biggest games of the ’90s. Following Jill Valentine around Raccoon City will prove to be a more intriguing and action packed adventure, as not only is she far more capable than the Leon and Claire, but Nemesis has a whole arsenal at his disposal. The only worry would be that they throw the survival horror elements to the wayside and focus on action once more, but considering we’re just coming off the tremendous efforts for Resident Evil 2, that’s only a minor worry at this time. We’re just excited to jump back into Raccoon City once more and experience the chaos that ensued in 1998, hopefully with even more twists and modifications to the formula to keep even fans on their toes.

6. Final Fantasy VII Remake

Since the E3 2015 reveal of Final Fantasy VII Remake, fans of the series have been eagerly anticipating the game and it’s right around the corner. While it will be broken up into different parts, Square Enix has decided to include a classic battle system akin to the original game. The visuals speak for themselves and the story has already been written. The original game was a technical marvel and the soundtrack for it is one of the greatest in gaming history. Final Fantasy VII was a game that got people who had not traditionally played games into completely involving themselves in a new hobby. Some of the decision making with the remake has been questionable, but ultimately this is the game that you can’t miss out on. Any fan of the series is hyped for this remake and this is one of the games that people have clamored for a remake of for almost twenty years.

5. Animal Crossing New Horizons

It’s been seven years since the last mainline Animal Crossing title, which is the longest gap the series has had thus far. While it may have taken a long time, Animal Crossing: New Horizons blew fan expectations out of the water when it was revealed at E3 this year. It takes so many new mechanics and combines them in a way that looks flawless with the wonderful world of Animal Crossing players know and love. The whole idea of New Horizons takes the series basics and turns it on its head with actual item gathering and crafting now playing a key role much like a survival game, but without any danger. With so many new ideas to be made, new beginnings to star and new horizons to reach we’re ecstatic to go back to the relaxing world that awaits. It might not be long until it releases now, but Animal Crossing: New Horizons is still one of our most anticipated titles for next year.

4. Ghost of Tsushima

After the release of one of the first PS4 exclusives post-launch in InFamous: Second Son and the equally-enjoyable standalone DLC InFamous: First Light both in 2014, many wondered what was next for Sucker Punch as they looked ahead to their next new IP. After three years of silence, Ghost of Tsushima was ultimately revealed at Paris Games Week, with the first gameplay being shown off the following year at E3. After another look at the ancient Japanese title at The Game Awards, excitement for it has only continued to rise thanks to the team’s focus on cinematic action and a stunning attention to detail. Each glimpse at the game so far has provided incredible vistas, with plenty of leaves blowing in the wind and brightly-colored landscapes that provide a sense of wonder and awe. The gameplay looks just as promising, as both the stealth and combat encounters offer the same focus on drama and deliberate decisions, as overconfident or unaware enemies can be defeated in a single blow, while one-on-one duels with more competent foes seem to require plenty of precision and strategy. If the feel of playing Ghost of Tsushima proves to be just as empowering as the trailers so far seem to indicate it will be, the long wait for Sucker Punch’s next title could prove to be well worth it as the developer releases what will likely be one of, if not the final, first-party PS4 exclusive

3. Doom Eternal

It’s soul-crushing to know that we should have already played Doom Eternal. Originally scheduled for release on November 22, 2019, the first-person shooter found itself delayed until March 20, 2020. As upsetting as it is, that just means we have an extra excellent game to look forward to next year. Doom 2016 gave players one of the best first-person experiences of that year, which means that fans should expect nothing short of excellence from the sequel. Thankfully, it looks like Eternal might just live up to that hype. Doom Eternal won our E3 2019 Game of the Show thanks to its fast and smooth gameplay, superbly-designed levels, intense encounters and gorgeous graphics. The game ratchets up the tension, tightens up the mechanics and provides plenty of hard-hitting weapons that are fun to use. Everything we’ve seen so far suggests that the game is heading in the right direction. It’s sad we couldn’t play Doom Eternal in 2019, but that just makes it that much more exciting to play in 2020.

2. Cyberpunk 2077

It’s the game that has long been speculated, long been built up and definitely long been desired by fans and admirers alike of CD Projekt Red’s work. And while it may be an entirely different aesthetic for a fellow IP adapted for the video game format, if The Witcher series is anything to go by, Cyberpunk 2077 looks to be in safe hands. From what we’ve seen of it thus far — from stand-out, impressive demonstrations to an appearance by Keanu Reeves of all people — Cyberpunk’s ambition looks to be matched only by its own implied scale and desire to be all things for all styles of play. How CD Projekt Red match the standards they themselves established, if they indeed can, is an interesting proposition on its own. But the added proposition of a vast city to explore, a player-character to customize, and many a quest to play out in one of many different ways, Cyberpunk 2077 has more than enough player-made and developer-suggested aspirations alike to satisfy. But if there’s one studio who no doubt have any chance to make this the stand-out title of 2020 to immerse in and marvel at, CD Projekt Red is that studio.

1. The Last of Us Part II

PlayStation 3 couldn’t have asked for a better title than The Last of Us to help the system go out with a bang as the launch of PlayStation 4 was on the horizon. The Last of Us was an incredible game that excelled in all areas. The graphics were among the best in the generation, the combat and exploration mechanics were top notch, the voice acting and writing were great but most important was the emotional impact from the adoptive father daughter relationship that was formed between Joel and Ellie throughout the story’s progression. The Last of Us was a gaming masterpiece, so naturally The Last of Us Part 2 has some big shoes to fill and based on what we’ve seen, there’s reason to be optimistic. Set five years after the original, players now control a 19-year-old Ellie and let’s just say she does not appear to have mellowed with age. The Cordyceps fungus is still a problem and some cult moved into the area that is up to no good. Unfortunately for the cult Ellie has apparently spent the past five years training to be Rambo. Not a whole lot is known about The Last of Us Part 2 but we’re hoping to see it reach for the high bar the original set.

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