BurgerTime Party Demo Released Alongside New Year’s Sale

BurgerTime Party has been out on the Switch since October, but hasn’t gone on sale much nor did it get a demo. Smaller-scale games like this can be tricky for demos as you can easily give too much of the game away for free. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with the demo here, which gives you access to the first part of the main game and essentially acts as an extended tutorial with just enough challenge to make you want more of the action.

The full game is only $13.99 via the new year’s sale – a healthy discount of $6 off the regular price and a huge deal compared to buying it physically for $29.99 at Best Buy and Amazon. It does what BurgerTime World Tour did well about a decade ago, but keeps it on a regular 2D plane and is much easier to control – especially for the Switch’s small screen when playing on the go. If you’ve ever loved a BurgerTime game, then BurgerTime Party is well-worth its asking price.