New DOOM, DOOM II Patch Adds 60FPS, Quick Saves, Even More Features

The DOOM team deployed a new patch for DOOM and DOOM II today, adding several major features along with standard maintenance and bugs fixes. Most notable among these new features are a frame-rate upgrade from the classic 35 FPS to 60 FPS and a Quick Save function.  Whenever players want to save now, all they have to do is pause and press R/R1/RB. Likewise, reloading that save is as easy as pausing and hitting L/L1/LB. These aren’t all the major features added in this update though.

Players can now download and install curated add-ons straight from the DOOM or DOOM II main menu. These add-ons will include episodes and “megawads” sourced straight from the DOOM community. This even includes the “Sigil” mod released by Romero Games back in May. Minor quality-of-life improvements have also been made to both games, including a “Quick Weapon Select” feature, improved level select functionality, aspect ratio/brightness options and a split-screen HUD. Make sure to check out the full patch notes for the complete list of additions and features.