Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 Concludes With a Record $3.13 Million

Just six months ago, Summer Games Done Quick shattered all expectations by raising $3.03 million dollars for Doctors Without Borders, setting a new record for Games Done Quick’s bi-annual speedrunning marathon. And as Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 marked the tenth anniversary for Games Done Quick, there was quite the amount of pressure upon it to perform just as well. Could it hit the same heights as it did before, creating a proper celebration for this milestone? Well, that’s sort of a hypothetical question, since the headline here kind of tells you that that the answer is a resounding “Yes.” AGDQ 2020 managed to raise an astounding $3.13 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, putting on an amazing show with some incredible speedruns in the process.

Games Done Quick and all of the various runners participating pulled out all of the stops for this year’s event, with games included ranging from current gems such as The Outer Worlds, Control, Devil May Cry 5, Katana Zero, and Blasphemous, to older classics like Mega Man X, Super Monkey Ball, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, the entire main Fallout anthology, and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! (played by two people on one controller, with both blindfolded, no less!). The marathon appropriately concluded with a staple of the events, Super Metroid, ran by Oatsngoats. Or rather, Super Metroid Impossible, the 2006 ROM hack of the 1994 SNES game.

This meant that everything ended with a bid war between “Save the Animals” and “Kill the Animals,” the ever-present Games Done Quick meme revolving around choosing between the ability to have Samus save the Dachora and Etecoons that assisted her in her journey, or to leave them behind during the evacuation and thus save frames and time. In contrast to previous years, though, where the leading choice swung back and forth during the bid war and where the gap between the two was extremely close, AGDQ 2020 had “Save the Animals” command an early lead with $20,000 over “Kill the Animals,” and it not only held that lead throughout the run, but it actually increased as things went on.

Perhaps viewers just wanted the epic tenth anniversary to end end on a happy note. Or perhaps with Games Done Quick’s adorable new mascot Velocity the Raptor returning and in the spotlight more than before, there was a larger fondness for cute animals. Or, related and most likely, it was due to the sheer prominence of another current hit at AGDQ 2020, Untitled Goose Game. After all, having spent an entire week rooting for a charming criminal goose to succeed, suddenly it seems hypocritical to let other critters perish. Untitled Goose Game’s speedrun by Tasselfoot was clearly one of the event’s most anticipated runs, popping during the final night as one of the main events alongside Super Mario Maker 2 and Link’s Awakening, with bids and chants of “HONK” coming from every corner.

There’s even more we could say about what happened during this whirlwind week, including the tributes to legendary Rush musician Neil Peart, who sadly passed away from brain cancer last week (including a donation of $2,112 and a successful bid war that resulted in the file name for Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles being named after him), but we’ll just leave things right now with a massive round of applause for Games Done Quick, the runners who performed astounding feats during AGDQ 2020, and all of the good they’ve done in raising a new record amount of money for cancer prevention and research (and over $25 million for charity in general over the past decade). They’ll be back with Summer Games Done Quick 2020, taking place from June 21 to June 28, and we can’t wait to see what will happen then.