Temtem Stress Test Open For All This Weekend

It’s well past time to face facts- Nintendo will never bring Pokemon to PC.  That means it’s fair game for another company to take a crack at it, and that’s exactly what Crema did with its Temtem Kickstarter a year and a half ago.  It’s almost time to kick off the Early Access period, beginning January 21, but right now it’s more important to break everything.  Nobody wants a bad launch so this weekend is a server stress test, and you’re all invited.  Temtem has thrown open the doors for all, and while a brief test-play revealed that it’s very slow going right now, the game is still good enough to dive into so long as you bring a nice helping of patience along.

Temtem is a monster-catching RPG, and if you’re familiar with Nintendo’s version then you know exactly what to expect.  A young trainer leaves home, rival slightly ahead, and sets out into the deep grass to find new critters to add to an ever-growing collection of blood-hungry monsters cute little battle-beasts.  It would be easy to write the game off as a clone if so much attention hadn’t been put into the art and design of every bit of the game, with everything feeling solid and inviting.  Environments are lush, colorful without being overly-detailed, and the temtem monsters well animated and (from my limited play) have a nice variety of attacks and buffs.  The big change from Pokemon is a stamina meter, with each attack draining it a little, so just casting each monster’s nuclear option over and over isn’t an option.  It adds a layer of thought to each battle, especially seeing as most fights have multiple temtem on either side of the field.

For now, though, the stress test is open.  Per this tweet quoted below-

Join our server at discord.gg/temtem
Go to the bot-commands channel
Write .key
That’s it! You’ll get your key!

Go have fun, so long as you don’t mind too much the jammed servers.