Screenshot Saturday Featuring Going Under, A Long Way Down, More

Well, the preceding day was a day filled with quite a few gaming highlights! Obviously, the biggest source of these highlights was the final day of Awesome Games Done Quick 2020, which concluded with some amazing speedruns that helped to break fundraising records. But not to be outdone, Screenshot Saturday had a few delights of its own to offer in the form of several new and interesting games, all promoted by various developers and publishers that use the #screenshotsaturday tag. Simple glimpses into upcoming indie games, but still impressive ones nonetheless. So what were some of these potential greats that popped up this weekend? Let’s take a look…

Going Under- Well, if the question is asking whether or not any other games feature similar color schemes and art styles, odds are I can probably name a couple, like the upcoming Rawmen. But if it’s asking if any other game looks as unique as a comedic dungeon crawler where you explore failed tech startups that have sunk into the earth and which also features an amazing art style and what appears to be some impressive combat, then the answer is no, and that’s why this is one of my most anticipated games this year. So congrats!

A Long Way Down- There are quite a few deck-building games out right now, and we suspect plenty more are still on their way. But this roguelike is rather unique in that the cards you collect play not only a role in combat, but also in how you maneuver around the monster-filled mazes, filling in gaps in order to create paths. Throw in some impressive graphics like this, and you definitely have something to check out next week on the 16th, when the game enters Early Access.

Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale- Now, if for some reason you can’t wait four days for a new deck-building game to enter Early Access, why not check out the one here that’s in Early Access right now, as we speak? The original Meteorfall was already a heavily acclaimed mobile game, but this sequel aims to have expanded mechanics with more depth, along with the return of its eye-catching artwork…well, minus the stuff that snuck in here. But even if that grave and scythe remained, it still looks like a hoot.

Cranked Up- Some people may say that a platformer where you play as an animal donut who moves around at rapid speeds via a pair of rockets strapped to them can sound a bit reckless. Well, here’s what happens when you play it safe. It’s not as fun, and vehicles carelessly run over our little critter buddies. So clearly, more rockets equals more safety. And a better and more unique game in general, obviously.

The Falconeer- Further proof that escort missions ultimately end up being nothing but trouble. But while things may not be going well for our hero and their winged friend here, we do get to see what looks like one damn amazing aerial battle. So what may be a bit of a disaster in-universe ironically showcases this game and its flight action extremely well, so yay?

The Last Spell- Tactical RPGs require you to think strategically, to look over everyone and consider the best moves, like an expert chessmaster. But even the most accomplished strategist can tell you that sometimes, the best approach is the most direct approach. So introduce some ghouls to your sword and wipe out a couple of them in one quick blow in this attractive RPG that hopefully ends up a winner.

Eldest Souls- Wait, so a game with “Souls” in its title that’s a massive boss rush where you have to slay the Old Gods just may end up being difficult? Well, color me surprised! Seriously though, this action game certainly looks quite impressive, and we’re always down for more impressive boss battles. But admittedly, it is kind of funny that the most angelic-looking Old God is apparently the biggest terror.

Inertial Drift- Alright, an arcade racer with retro future aesthetics was probably enough to grab our attention, especially one with driving action that looks quite impressive. But the highlight here is the game’s unique twin-stick controls that place the emphasis on drifting, as seen here with some rather epic donuts. Damn fine stuff indeed.

Being & Becoming- So when your metroidvania game is set around a kingdom trapped in a Collective Dream that warps everything and everyone around it, players are naturally going to want to know just how the hell we all ended up here. Luckily, our lucid dreamer of a protagonist can get a little vocal help in that area. It’s certainly a unique setup, and we can’t wait to see more of it.

Flatline- That’s a bit of an ominous tweet there, but it helps set up the concept for one intriguing game. Basically, what if you look a lightning-fast action game like Katana Zero or Hotline Miami and made it turn-based instead? Then you’d get what hopefully ends up being one impressive top-down game that just happens to allow you to paint everything in a nice shade of red.

Unpacking- Well, shut it down, video games have now finally been perfected, so no need for any more. After all, how many can boast highly detailed coat-hanging action? Is it something even Kojima has thought of? No? Well, then this zen puzzle game stands alone as genius now thanks to its hangers, 10/10 GOTY.