Hell is Unleashed in New Doom Eternal Trailer

Get ready to face Hell’s armies when Doom Eternal launches in March.

Bethesda Softworks today dropped a new trailer for Doom Eternal focusing heavily on the game’s single player campaign. Hell’s armies have invaded Earth, and only you, the Doom Slayer, can save humanity from extinction.

The trailer showcases plenty of story elements, including the potential antagonists, new weapons, and locations. In addition to Mars, space stations and Hell, players will battle demons on Earth. There also appears to be a shot of the robot that houses the mind of Dr. Samuel Hayden. Finally, the trailer also showcases plenty of the fast-paced arena shooting that made the 2016 reboot such a blast.

Doom Eternal launches March 20 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia. A Switch version is currently in development for a release later this year.