Release Date Revealed For Kunai in New Boss-Filled Trailer

Netherlands-based developers TurtleBlaze have still been hard at work on Kunai, their upcoming metroidvania game about a robot ninja that wields the titular weapons against a more evil mechanical uprising, which consists of more than a few intimidating enemies that players will have to take on. We’ve seen a taste of Kunai’s boss battles in a previous clip, but here we get a trailer solely devoted to the game’s big baddies, sent out by the evil commander Lemonkus. But perhaps more importantly, we also finally get a release date for the game, and it looks like we only have less than a month to go.

As seen below, the new trailer shows that rather unsurprisingly, these bosses are going to put up quite a challenge. Some just simple charge at our hero, while others seem to have explosive attacks that can take up most of the screen. As such, mastery of all skills, including kunai, guns, or katanas is naturally going to be require in order to survive. It looks like a rather action-packed blast that easily catches the eye, so here’s hoping for the best when Kunai comes out on February 6 for the Switch and PC, courtesy of publishers The Arcade Crew. But if you want to get an early shot at it, Kunai will be at PAX South this weekend, so make sure to check it out if attending.