Too Much Time and Never Enough in Four Hour Trailer for The Longing

Time is the weirdest substance.  A human life, if we’re very lucky, is one hundred years long, and depending on how it’s lived the majority of it is spent with various body parts slowly deteriorating.  Even so that feels like an incredible span except for the fact that it passes instantly and takes forever, simultaneously.  The Longing is an idle game that takes a bit over 1% of a very lucky, very healthy human life to play, four hundred days in a cave while waiting for the underground king to awaken.  What the Shade does with all that time is completely your call.  Load the game once, watch the intro, load it again in one year, one month, five days?  That’ll work, but there’s an entire underground cave system to explore and all the time in the world to poke around.

The Shade has a room and exploring the cave makes it much more cozy.  Books like Moby Dick, the works of Nietzsche, The Iliad, The Raven and a full bookshelf more are available in full to read while waiting, which is sometimes necessary for parts of the caves to become explorable.  The trailer shows a drop where it will take two weeks for moss to grow thick enough to drop onto safely, while an impassable pit requires a full month for the drip of water to fill it in.  But there’s time to do other things while waiting, and no real rush to get any of it done.  Four hundred days feels like a lot of time but, if the Shade lives it well, it can pass before he even notices it’s gone.

The Longing comes out on Steam on March 5, but for now here’s a very very very very very very long trailer.  The bulk of it is waiting once past the 1:40 mark, but if you want to cheat a bit there’s a cut-scene at 2:29 (repeated an hour later) and then an exceptionally long logo and musical fade-in at 3:53:40.