The Alliance Alive HD Remastered Set for PC Release on GOG and Steam January 16

The Alliance Alive was one of the 3DS’ best-reviewed RPGs. With some changes to the normal formula and a really vibrant art style. It was the kind of game that delivered a lot of greatness – but felt constrained by the hardware. Last year’s Switch release of The Alliance Alive HD Remastered helped that as you could at least play it on a larger screen, but one couldn’t help but wonder what the game would be like on PC – where you have more freedom for higher resolutions and greater graphical clarity as a result.

Tomorrow, everyone will be able to find out just how great Alliance Alive can truly be when it hits PC on GOG and Steam. Beyond turn-based action-oriented battles, you also have flying sections and a massive skillset refinement system to help tailor the experience to your liking. Pricing hasn’t been fully revealed yet, but one would expect GOG to offer the best overall value. Beyond being able to still launch the game easily via Steam with the .EXE, you don’t have to worry about any DRM clogging up the experience or making it difficult to play a game offline. If you’ve been craving a new JRPG experience on PC, you can’t go wrong with The Alliance Alive HD Remastered.