Drop In to Pre-order Fortnite’s Cuddle Team Leader Nendoroid

The most popular video game in the world is getting a Nendoroid collectible. This item is modeled after the Cuddle Team Leader skin which is probably one of the most recognizable ones as well. You can pre-order this for any big Fortnite fan.

The Nendoroid shows off the bright pink and oversized bear head with matching fuzzy jumpsuit. A Rainbow Smash Pickaxe is included for you to gather supplies while in the heat of battle. A firearm and cute rainbow umbrella are also added as accessories. Everything here is going to look perfect on display with any gaming set-up.

Cuddle Team Leader is up for pre-order from January 17 to February 27. However, it won’t be available to own until July. This is the first Nendoroid for Fortnite and it looks like eight more are on the way based on the special section of the GoodSmile website.