Fight the Robot Invasion with Super Crush KO Launch Trailer

There are plenty of good reasons to kick an robot invasion in the face.  Saving the world, avenging or protecting one’s family, or restoring order when chaos has made life unliveable are all excellent motivators to turn the robo-minions of an invading force into a pile of twisted, sparking scrap.  Karen has a different problem, though.  Her fat white kitty Chubbz has been stolen by the robo-master Ann, who’s fallen hard for the cat’s porky charms.  This is absolutely unacceptable, and rather than have a stern word with Ann’s manager Karen sets out to take care of it using a more hands-on approach.

Super Crush KO is a pastel-colored side-view action brawler where a young woman in an awesome jacket pounds on robots until the explode.  Karen initially starts off with three moves, but by the end of the first level she’s got her full set available and can use it to tackle anything in her path.  The basics are fairly straightforward- Hit something, up to five times in a combo.  The dodge gives a moment of invulnerability coupled with a dash to get out of the way, and the gun does ranged damage but overheats quickly and isn’t particularly powerful.  Couple them with the special moves and Karen rapidly gains the ability to dominate any field of battle she side-scrolls through.  The drill-spin is a forward offensive dash, the rising uppercut does nice things to enemies on platforms above, the in-air dash kick-flies towards whichever enemy you point it at, and the ground launcher tosses enemies into the air for further combo action.  All of these moves feed off an energy meter which is constantly replenished by the pink diamonds dropped by defeated enemies.  Finally, Karen has a different energy meter fueling a super-beam, slow to charge but doing incredible damage when you line up a string of robots in its path.  It’s a killer move-set that flows one into the other with an easy rhythm, but the attack patterns of the robo-baddies plus unhelpful environmental hazards combine to give a fantastic challenge, where survival is based on knowing which move to pull out with the right timing.

Super Crush KO launches today, complete with brand new trailer to celebrate.  Give it a look below, then get ready to beat on the pastel robo-threat and rescue that kitty!