Humble Australia Fire Relief Bundle Now Available

The Humble Bundle has been devoted to charity since its inception, and now we have an entire bundle with proceeds going to animals affected by the Australia wildfires. Unlike most Humble Bundles, this isn’t spread out in tiers and one $25 price gets you a lot of games. Hollow Knight, Void Bastards, Amello, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Duck Game, Hand of Fate 2, Paradigm, Crawl, The Adventure Pals, Regular Human Basketball, Satellite Reign, Hacknet, Mr. Shifty, Primal Carnage, Assault Android Cactus, The Haunted Island, Framed Collection, Think of the Children, Feather, Tower of Guns, Rising Dusk, Death Squared, Paperbark, Quest of Dungeons, The Stillness of the Wind, The Gardens Between, Paper Fire Rookie, Masquerade, and Machinarium. There’s a ton of variety here and you can’t go wrong with spending the money if you’re looking for a good chunk of these games here – or just want to donate to charity to help with the wildfire.