Free Alpha Weekend For Scourgebringer Underway

Once upon a time the world ended and it was terrible.  Bad things happened, everything fell apart, all the usual awfulness, etc.  The important part is that what’s left is a procedural death maze where the skilled warrior Khyra tears at lightning speed through all in her path, slashing with wild abandon the creatures inhabiting the many rooms of an unfriendly dungeon.  Scourgebringer is a pure-action roguelike focused on ultra-fast offense, and it’s coming to Early Access in a very short period of time.  For this weekend, though, the game has gone open alpha, free to anyone who wants a look.

The mechanics are all about keeping the attack going, with just about every move capable of damage.  The standard slash is quick, the heavy slash is slow but can stun enemies when used with proper timing and also wipes away bullets, and the dash move slams into the monsters with great force.  Everything chains together, and with a minor bit of practice the ground becomes irrelevant as Khyra zips through the air from one enemy to the next.  The mini-boss (at least in the first area I’ve played through) is an eyeball that drops, appropriately enough, an eye when defeated, and it’s used to buy permanent upgrades at the pre-game hub between one run and the next.  The lower branches of the skill tree are fairly cheap, and it doesn’t take long to start building Khyra into an even more powerful force of chaotic destruction than she was when she started.

The free weekend is accessed through developer Flying Oak Games’ Discord channel, which you can access here.  Then it’s just a simple matter of going to the Alpha Access category under the Scourgebringer section and following instructions, and soon enough a Steam key good for the next few days will be messaged to you.  Scourgebringer is already a huge amount of fun and absolutely worth a weekend’s play, but if you need more persuading the old trailer below should do it.