World of Horror Terrorizes Early Access in February

Originally scheduled for a 2019 release, developers Panstasz have obviously had to postpone World of Horror, their retro RPG based around cosmic horror, until later this year. But if you really need your Junji Ito-inspired horror fix ASAP, then never fear!…Well, actually, this is a horror game, so you should fear a lot of what’s in it, but…look, the point is that World of Horror will be entering Early Access in February. Meaning that you’ll be able to experience the terrors of ’80s Macintosh games in just over a month from now.

Naturally, this news comes complete with a new trailer for the game, which you can check out below. And while we may have joked about the horror to be found here, this trailer definitely shows that Panstasz are not kidding around when it comes to filling it with frightening, unsettling imagery. The game sees you investigating various mysteries in a rural Japanese town, and when Eldritch beings are involved, it definitely makes for some creepy and tense situations. World of Horror hits Early Access on February 20 with five playable chapters, and is set for a full release on PC, Switch, and PS4 in late 2020, with some help from publisher Ysbryd Games.