Frostpunk: The Last Autumn DLC Now Available on GOG, Steam

The original Frostpunk offered up a challenging survival experience with a very unique setting. Not many games use snow-filled areas and it winds up allowing for more drama as it adds a sense that the elements are your enemy at all times. This dlc acts as the prequel to the main Frostpunk game – showing just how the world came to be. In it, you get to dive deeper into the world’s lore and shape the in-game society as you see fit. The DLC adds a new Endless mode that allows you to change up your strategy in ways you couldn’t do before in the main game. New threats are also added to the mix alongside new technology resources to change up your play style.

Frostpunk: The Last Autumn is available now via Steam and in DRM-free form from GOG. No matter which setup you go with, just make sure you have the original Frostpunk game to make use of this DLC. Getting it via GOG enables you to not only avoid any issues that can be caused by DRM, but you can still launch it via Steam if you want or use GOG’s own Galaxy launcher. If you enjoyed the main game of Frostpunk, then The Last Autumn looks like a worthwhile pickup.