Disco Elysium Challenges True Detectives with Hardcore Mode

Critically acclaimed RPG Disco Elysium is bringing a new challenge to dedicated sleuths out there with a free update. Hardcore Mode is now available for players to test their true abilities. In addition to the new challenge, the title has also been updated with widescreen support on Steam. Hardcore Mode says a lot in the name, but what does it really mean?

Players will fail more as the difficulty of every Check goes up, bringing down chances for success. We’ll also be poorer, so we better pick up all the bottles we can. Along with being poorer, prices in shops will go up. We’ll eventually need to spend money on booze and cigarettes because we’ll need to turn to the hard stuff. Maybe we’ll need a a head-clearing drag of a cigarette, or booze to feel more charismatic. This new mode will challenge players to think more carefully as they play. But with every failure comes reward, as Hardcore Mode will help us level up faster to meet the challenge. With a gorgeously constructed narrative and magical realist elements, the title deserves to be played. Disco Elysium is currently 20% off during Steam’s Lunar New Year Sale.