Dragalia Lost x Monster Hunter Collaboration Details Unveiled

It’s been teased on and off for a while now, but today players finally got a look at what the Monster Hunter collaboration with Dragalia Lost will entail. Adventurers will be able to team up with the iconic Rathalos in various battles in order to earn him as a fully fledged and powerful comrade. A special Berserker and Vanessa in Rathalos and Kirin armor respectively will be available to summon and add to each player’s team. Those looking for some extra cool goods will be able to unlock special weapons and stickers through completing the event quests and show off the Monster Hunter flair. The trailer also teases the elder dragon Fatalis, likely meaning he’ll be a boss players will need to fight in order to earn rewards.

The Dragalia Lost x Monster Hunter collaboration begins on January 28 and runs until February 16. Check out the trailer below: