Ghosts’n DJs Release Date Revealed

Ghosts’n DJs was originally abandoned five years ago, but now it’s back. The side-scrolling action platformer may take a cue or two from Capcom’s Ghosts ‘n Goblins, but does so with the unique premise of having DJs as part of the ensemble cast. The game will allow you to play as, and enjoy new music from deadma5 as he defeats fake musicians out to destroy music. The game will hit Steam on February 6 and be completely free of charge. If you’ve ever loved Capcom’s legendary series, then this looks to be right up your alley – only with a far more modern spin on the formula. The premise is a bit odd, but the core action keeps within the framework of 2D action platformers and it looks like a good time. With the game being free and the devs instead recommending that money go to charity instead, it’s definitely a passion project that aims to do some good for the industry.