Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC Lands on PS4

Kingdom Hearts III’s Re Mind DLC launched today, adding to its story and giving fans more features to play around with. The additional content includes a new episode wherein Sora experiences his journey and various battles from the viewpoints of his friends. Apparently this reveals new truths for the keyblade wielder to mull-over as he works toward his next objective.

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind - Premium Menu

Beyond this, Re Mind brings several new boss battles to the base game, with thirteen in the Limitcut episode and one in the Secret Episode. Fans can also enjoy new slideshow features, “Data Greeting” mode and the new Premium Menu, which grants the ability to fine-tune one’s gameplay experience.

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind is available now on PlayStation 4 and will be coming to the Xbox One on February 25. Check out our Kingdom Hearts III review for a full analysis of how the game holds up without it.