Koei Tecmo Drops New Story Trailer, Post-Launch DLC Plans for Nioh 2

Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja today released a new trailer and post-launch plans for Nioh 2.

The action role-playing game Nioh 2 launches this March on PS4. Set in the year 1555 during the Warring States period in Japan, you play as Hideyoshi, a yokai hunter that is part human and part yokai. After losing control of their power one day, Hideyoshi teams up with a wandering merchant selling ‘Spirit Stones,’ which help wielders communicate with yokai spirits. However, they must face off against others seeking the stones for their own diabolical purposes.

In addition to the new story info, Team Ninja also dropped their DLC plans for the title. Post-launch support includes three major DLC drops that include hours of new story content, weapons, combat abilities, and characters. Each story takes place before the events of Nioh 2. You can purchase each DLC standalone, or as part of the Nioh 2 Season Pass.

Nioh 2 is out March 13 exclusively on PS4.