SEGA AGES Shinobi and Fantasy Zone Hit Switch eShop Today

The SEGA AGES branding has been used for over 20 years to signify some of the greatest titles in Sega’s back catalog. Today, it’s used to showcase the original arcade versions of Shinobi and Fantasy Zone as they hit the Nintendo Switch eShop. In the case of Fantasy Zone, you have a legendary cute-em-up that combines side-scrolling shooting action with a very bright visual style. It’s a light-hearted experience visually, but one that tests your mettle as a player. Similarly, Shinobi will make you question your gaming prowess at every turn. Enemies are never in short supply and areas to avoid them are. The Shinobi name has been used on many games over the years, but none of them would have been possible without this tough-as-nails arcade experience. Each game in the SEGA AGES line is $7.99