Square Enix Announces new Kingdom Hearts Mobile Game, Project Xehanort

Square Enix today announced a new entry in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, Project Xehanort.

Kingdom Hearts III wrapped up the Dark Seeker Saga. Centered around the threat presented by Xehanort, the series of games chronicled his rise to power and eventual defeat at the hands of Sora. However, what caused him to follow the path of darkness? There are hints sprinkled throughout Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, but nothing definitive.

Square Enix’s next mobile game aims to shed light on the antagonist. Going under the working title ‘Project Xehanort,’ the story centers around Young Xehanort and answer why he became the seeker of darkness.

No additional info was provided, other than it’ll launch on iOS and Android devices and includes microtransactions. Square Enix is currently holding a campaign for players to guess the game’s title. That contest ends January 28.

In other Kingdom Hearts news, today marks the release of Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind on PS4. The DLC will cost you $29.99 and includes new story elements, bosses, and playable characters. It launches on Xbox One February 25.