Big January Flash Sale Ignites at Signature Edition Games

Fancy is nice.  It adds a little bit of shine to something that was already special, although when that something special was a videogame it can get out of hand fairly quickly.  Signature Edition Games has been balancing the desire for something a bit nicer than normal against the “thrown into the back of a closet” syndrome that can tarnish the big-box deluxe editions of even the most anticipated release.  It’s built up a nice library over the last few years, but it’s time to clear some stock to make room for 2020’s titles.  This means a sale, and it covers a huge amount of games ranging from bigger titles like Moonlighter and Darkest Dungeon to quirkier releases such as Bomber Crew and Riot: Civil Unrest.  There are also a few standard versions from Signature Edition Games’ parent company Merge, so it’s worth poking through the inventory to see what would look nice given a cozy home on your shelf.

The Signature Edition Flash Sale lasts for a week, starting earlier today and good through January 31, with the usual disclaimer of “while supplies last”.  Head on over and take a look and see if anything jumps out at you.