Five Years Later, the Batman Earth-2 Skin Finally Comes to Batman: Arkham Knight on PS4

Batman: Arkham Knight players can finally download and use the Earth-2 Batman skin, five years after the game launched.

Batman: Arkham Knight has a lot of skins, though some were harder to obtain then others. Some could be unlocked through normal gameplay, others were DLC, and some were sectioned off as platform-exclusive (ex: Batman Beyond on PC or Justice League 3000 on PS4). However, perhaps the most rare of all was the Earth-2 skin.

For five years, the only way to legitimately get the skin was by getting a voucher code at an E3 theatrical event. However, last year, Rocksteady revealed they were finally going to hand out the skin to players via the Batman Arkham Collection on PS4. On January 28, all PS4 players worldwide can download the skin for free.

It is currently unknown why it took so long to make the skin available to the PS4 public. Batman: Arkham Knight has been out for five years. More mysterious is why Rocksteady won’t release the skin on Xbox One and PC. Hopefully, the skin eventually comes to all platforms.

Batman: Arkham Knight brought a definitive end to Rocksteady’s take on the character. However, rumors have swirled for years that WB Montreal (Batman: Arkham Origins) are hard at work on a new Batman title. Meanwhile, Rocksteady’s next project remains a mystery.