New Gameplay Trailer Revealed For Lost Words: Beyond the Page

Being a writer can be rather hard at times, as anyone on this site should be able to attest to. Especially for anyone at any age going through particular ups and downs of life. This forms the basic setup for Lost Words: Beyond the Page, a new platformer from Modus Games and developers Sketchbook Games. At the recent New York Game Awards, a new trailer was revealed for the game, showing off more of the in-game fantasy adventure that gets constructed as you play.

The main focus of the trailer is on the various adventures a young girl named Robin has in the fantasy world of Estoria. However, we also get glimpses into the bigger story involving the world’s creator, Izzy, another young girl. In between platforming in Estoria, players actually traverse Izzy’s notebook, jumping between words and sentences, with some being altered in various ways. With writing by Rhianna Pratchett, it certainly seems to be both a unique game and a unique tale. No release date has been announced for Lost Words: Beyond the Page yet, but expect it for the PC sometime in the near future.