DragonFang Coming Soon to Steam

The Mystery Dungeon series has been going on for over 25 years, and now DragonFang is being reborn thanks to a full remake on PC – complete with a Steam release. Drahn’s Mystery Dungeon uses a traditional fantasy setting and sword-slashing to get the job done. Like other entries, you will explore randomly-generated dungeons and attack enemies using not only your sword, but with the skills gained from powerful monster fangs in the world itself. There will be over 150 of them to choose from, with three selectable at any point in time.

The series has become somewhat well-known thanks to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, with the GBA and DS entries getting a full-on remake on Switch soon with a free demo of that available. There’s also Dragon FangZ on Switch, which has better graphics and a slicker presentation with similar gameplay sans the Pokemon license. On February 3, PC owners will be able to play this completely free and early birds get some nice perks like XP bonuses. Merely logging in each day for 14 days of the game’s first month of release gets you more in-game money, which makes the adventure easier to enjoy.