Samurai Shodown Season 2 DLC Characters Revealed

The rebooted Samurai Shodown was just the thing the long-running franchise needed to bring it back to prominence, and today, SNK revealed 3/4 of the DLC characters for the second season of content. Of the four overall characters, Mina, Sogetsu, and Iroha were revealed today. Mina was first seen in SamSho V and returns after being one of the most beloved characters of the latter portion of the original series.

Sogetsu is making his first appearance since SamSho IV and offers up the power of water to stand out from the pack. Finally, there Iroha from SamSho VI, who uses two butterfly swords to slice and dice enemies at will. All of the season two content, including the mystery fourth character, will be released in February. Switch owners will be able to get the content on the day of that version’s release on February 25. Pre-ordering that version digitally ensures that you will also get a port of the Neo-Geo Pocket Color version of SamSho 2 as well – making it a great overall value.