The Phantom Thieves Steal the Show in New Persona 5 Royal Trailer

It seems Atlus is aiming for even greater heights with the coming release of Persona 5 Royal. The newly revamped Persona 5 will introduce all sorts of new content and story beats to the 2017 JPRG, including new wrinkles to its already stellar combat system like “Showtime” attacks for different duos among the Phantom Thieves. These have been seen in previous trailers, but now fans new and old have a chance to see them all in action.

These new special attacks come in addition to a new Phantom Thief, remixed dungeons, at least one new area of town to explore and more. Indeed, fans should be in for a real treat if Atlus put as much style and polish into everything else as they did these attacks.

Persona 5 Royal launches for PlayStation 4 on March 31.