Dying Light Turns 5, Techland Handing out Dying Light: Bad Blood for Free

Dying Light is five years old and Techland wants to celebrate by giving owners of the original game Dying Light: Bad Blood for free.

Techland’s action survival game launched five years ago, and quickly became one of the biggest success stories of this-generation. Millions of players flocked to the zombie title back in 2015. Today, hundreds of thousands of players log in to get their zombie fix.

To celebrate the community, Techland intends to hold anniversary celebrations in February. To kick things off, players can nab a free copy of Dying Light: Bad Blood on PC to all owners of Dying Light on all platforms. Nabbing that copy is as easy as visiting the Dying Light docket site and linking whatever account you own Dying Light on.

Dying Light: Bad Blood is Techland’s take on the Battle Royale genre. In it, twelve players drop onto various locales in Harran to battle over supplies and extraction. The game is currently available in Early Access on PC. No word on PS4 or Xbox One versions.

In other Dying Light news, Techland last week delayed the original game’s sequel, Dying Light 2. We’re still waiting to hear about a new release date for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC title.