Enter the Jungle in Latest Battlefield V Content Drop

EA and DICE today announced the next chapter in Battlefield V’s Tides of War, Into the Jungle.

Battlefield V continues to expand in February with Into the Jungle, which brings a brand new multiplayer map to the Pacific Theatre alongside new weapons and cosmetic items.

Solomon Islands is a brand new map that takes players deep into the jungle. Rivers and marshes lead to tight encounters as the Americans and Japanese battle for dominance. The map has been designed for infantry combat combined with land and sea vehicles. Solomon Islands works best in Breakthrough, but is also available for Conquest and Team Deathmatch.

Into the Jungle also introduces three new weapons and two gadgets for players to mess around with. Support players can unlock the Type 11 LMG and Model 37 shotgun. Meanwhile, Assault players can nab the M2 Carbine. As for gadgets, there’s the iconic M1A1 Bazooka as well as the Lunge Mine.

Battlefield V is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. All content in Tides of War is available for free to all players.