February 2020 Games With Gold is a Mixed Bag

As is usually the case with Xbox Live’s monthly selection of free games, it’s unlikely that every game on offer for February is going to get fans excited. However, the games coming on deck are all decent in their own way, so most Xbox owners are likely to see at least one title they’re interested in playing. The games in question are: Fable Heroes, Call of Cthulu, TT Isle of Man and the original Star Wars Battlefront.

For those unfamiliar with it, Fable Heroes is a co-op adventure game wherein up to four player compete to defeat familiar Fable monsters, collect the most gold coins and save Albion in the process. It’s a very simple, straightforward kind of game one can enjoy with their kids or non-gaming friends. Call of Cthulu on the other hand is a mystery game inspired by the classic pen and paper RPG. It’s going to take all of one’s courage and powers of observation to get to the bottom of this one.

On a brighter note, TT Isle of Man is a motocross racing title featuring the legendary Snaefell Mountain course. In this realistic racing game, success means fast reflexes and confident memorization of every bend and turn along the 37.73 mile long course. Rounding out the list is the original Xbox version of Star Wars Battlefront, a game that doesn’t really need an introduction. Star Wars Battlefront earned its place in the hall of classic shooters with its selection of great maps, fast-paced shooting and Star Wars-themed combined arms action. Shooter fans who’ve never had the chance to try should definitely give a shot while it’s still free.