LAZR Brings Cyberpunk 2.5D Platforming to Kickstarter for PC, Switch Release

There haven’t been a shortage of side-scrolling platformers on Kickstarter over the years, but there has been a distinct lack of games that really try something new. LAZR does just that by not only having a 2.5D viewpoint, but also a cyberpunk world alongside stunning physics. The game has a free demo available for PC, Mac, and Linux alongside its Kickstarter trailer, which shows off some stunning cloth, flame, and water physics as you’re jumping through the world. The full game will have hundreds of stages to play and will have multiple endings as well.

The game is about 1/3 of the way towards its $10,000 base goal. For $15, you can get a digital copy of the game and a spot in the credits alongside exclusive wallpapers – so it’s a great value there. For $25, you can get early access to it on steam along with all of that and a digital OST. Stepping up to $35 gets all that and a PDF artbook. The tiers are all priced pretty reasonably and the modest budget should help ensure that the game gets fully funded. The plan is for a 2020 or 2021 launch on PC, Mac, Linux alongside all current consoles and even the Vita.