Dead Cells’ The Bad Seed DLC Strikes on February 11

A couple of months ago, Dead Cells announced its first paid DLC expansion, The Bad Seed. Because even with sixteen major updates already under its belt, Motion Twin still wants to make sure that their roguelike baby still has a ton to offer players. And now The Bad Seed is set to arrive in just a couple of weeks, with a new trailer below showcasing some gameplay from it. And unsurprisingly, it showcases a ton of meaty-looking challenges in just a short clip.

As the title may suggest, The Bad Seed actually sees players exploring greener pastures this time around in the form of two new biomes: The Arboretum and The Swamp. This also means a host of new enemies, new obstacles, new weapons (including the first double slot weapon), and…a new mushroom son? It sounds odd, but the trailer suggests a unique companion at the end. The Bad Seed arrives for Dead Cells on February 11 and we’ll see exactly just how tough these new jungles are then.