Latest Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Showcases New Theme Song

Square Enix today dropped a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake showcasing new parts of the game, including the new theme song.

Nobuo Uematsu returns to the world of Final Fantasy to develop new music for the upcoming remake. That includes the new theme song. ‘Hollow’. Performed by Yosh (Survive Said the Prophet), the new theme song is a haunting melody that pairs well with the game’s action.

The trailer also showcases new parts of the game previously unseen. This includes the infamous cross-dressing scene from the original game, and the subsequent incursion into Don Corneo’s mansion. The trailer also provides our first looks are Red XIII, a party member in the original game, and Jenova, the game’s true antagonist. Finally, the trailer ends with a brief glimpse at Professor Hojo, an important villain in the original title.

Final Fantasy VII Remake launches April 10 on PS4.