The Bots Came Marching Ten By Ten, Hurrah, in Battledroid Trailer

Humanity is mostly gone and Earth little more than a giant spherical wasteland but the robots won’t let the planet sink into darkness without a fight.  Admitted, there’s nothing left to fight but each other, but it’s the principle of the thing that’s important.  Someday there will be victory and the bot’s hard-fought war will bring peace to the Earth, which will probably be little more than a glowing cinder at the time.  Battledroid is a strategy game where the journey is more important than the destination, which is a good thing seeing as journey is made up of massive battles where hordes of voxel-bots pull out all the firepower at their disposal to overwhelm and hopefully capture the enemy territory.

The way battle will work is that each army is comprised of a group of autonomous units assembled together by the commander and set loose on the defending opponent.  A simulator lets you run tests beforehand to get a sense of how the strategy will play out, but “real-life” conditions may change the course of battle against the initial prediction.  Each player starts with their own territory, and the object is to expand so that you earn more battle points to spend on a defending army.  Even if you’ve got multiple territories, a small area not connected to the bigger one will have its own battle point pool, so it’s best to have a massive blob of land rather than disconnected sections.  As you conquer new areas they also may have new units, which you can then add to your growing collection.  Even if you get a huge number of powerful units it takes strategy to win, because each battle is limited by the battle points available for the defender.  A crew of super-powerful mega-bots is nice, but at risk of getting overrun by a zerg-rush style swarm of cheap little guys.  A smart selection is going to be far more effective than sending in the brute squad, but using the pre-battle simulator should help reveal any glaring errors.  For more details, Battledroid’s Steam page has a nice in-depth breakdown of how its features fit together.

Battledroid is in active development with a “when it’s done” release date.  For now, though, here’s a trailer filled with robo-destruction, which is an excellent way to showcase any game, including (or especially) the ones that don’t have robots in them.  Which Battledroid does, by the thousands.